Be part of it

Welcome. Great you’ll be part of it. It’s easy:

  1. Apply here.
  2. Order filmstock with us or buy yourself. Cost if purchased via us is 30 € or 25 € for students + shipping + 0 € fore those who makes a request. After the project you get back the original material plus digital version.
  3. If you live close, we can lend you a camera or you can choose one of our creative workshops.
  4. Shoot.
  5. Send exposed film stock back to us. We develop. You pay the postage, we pay the development.

Rules and technical information:

  • films can be entered until december 2012
  • films for  the installation on DOK.fest Munich can be entered until feburary 2012
  • One Person or participating group = one roll of Super8 film

Guidelines for everyone:

* one of 18 abstract themes/democratic principles has to be chosen:

    • freedom
    • responsibility
    • participation
    • solidarity
    • equality
    • individuality
    • majorities
    • maturity
    • self-determination
    • community
    • jurisdiction
    • diversity
    • freedom of opinion
    • parity
    • autonomy
    • minorities
    • affiliation
    • justice

* no sound
* no editing (you send back the exposed and undevelopped film – we take care of the rest)
* no control about the final product in the documentary
*no connection between your name and your film in the documentary
* alphabetical credits in the documentary of all super8 participants

The Super8 films will form about one third of our documentary Doing Nothing All Day.
Beyond that, there will be a travelling exhibition where all created Super8 works will be screened alongside the names of the creators. After the project has been finished, each participant receives their film. The digitized version can be sent to you earlier, if needed. All distribution rights go for the projects DOING NOTHING ALL DAY – SCHULE MACHEN and DEMOKRATIE AUF SUPER8  to the production DOING NOTHING ALL DAY – SCHULE MACHEN. Authors rights remain with you.


We offer 5 film stocks to choose from at the price of 23 Euros per roll. Beyond that, you can buy your own stock, if you wish to do so.
Please order your stock with us by quoting the number.

1. Color Negative Stock. Sensitivity 200ASA/ISO. Tungsten Stock.

This film is very suitable for beginners as well as for pro’s. It’s very forgiving in case of wrong exposure and great for shooting in very birght rooms, close to windows or during the day outside. Kodak Stock.

2. Color Negative Stock. Sensitivity 500ASA/ISO. Tungsten Stock.

This film is very suitable for beginners as well as for pro’s. It’s very forgiving in case of wrong exposure and great for shooting at night or in darker interiours. Kodak Stock.

3. Color Reversal Stock. Sensitivity 50ASA/ISO. Daylight Stock.

Similar in characteristics to a slide film. Very brilliant in color, very rich in contrast, very fine grain. More a film for people, who know already a bit about shooting on film – even small exposure mistakes can lead to large mistakes and can not be corrected later. “Classical Super8 Look”. Stock based on Fuji Velvia.

4. Black and White Negative Stock. Sensitivity 400 ASA/ISO.

This film is suitable for beginners as well as for pro’s. It is very forgiving in case of wrong exposure and good for shooting during the day indoors or outdoors.
More experienced people can talk to us before shooting and if needed push the stock one stop in order to shoot with the resulting 800ASA/ISO even at night or in very dark rooms without lights. – Stock: Kahl NP27

5. Black and White High-Contrast Title Stock. Sensitivity 12 ASA/ISO

Only to be used by very experienced filmers. Needs a lot of light. And if we say a lot – we mean: a lot. Only suitable for cameras with manual apperture setting. This stock leads because of its very high contrast to a look, similar to charcoal drawings. Wrong exposure leads very quickly to totally black or entirely white images..

contact us to participate here

Democratic principals on Super8

Individual perception of the structure of society is shaped by personal experiences. Thus the principles of democratic action such as self-determination, equality, individuality, community, freedom, responsibility or fairness are interpreted in different ways by different people. Some of these diverse perspectives are to be captured on film in the course of the project. Particular attention will be paid to the aspects of age-specific characteristics, lifelong learning and cross-generational exchange of experiences more

Upcoming Workshops

6. + 7. July 2 pm- 5 pm, 8. July: 10am-2pm

Democracy on Super 8
A Hands-On Super 8 Workshop on Democracy and Film making more


Numerous artists and filmmakers, pupils and students contribute to making a Super8 film. Anyone can take part… more

Co-operation partners

We offer workshops. Our cooperation partners are… more

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