Democracy on Super8

Democracy on Super8

Individual perception of the structure of society is shaped by personal experiences. Thus the principles of democratic action such as self-determination, equality, individuality, community, freedom, responsibility or fairness are interpreted in different ways by different people. Some of these diverse perspectives are to be captured on film in the course of the project. Particular attention will be paid to the aspects of age-specific characteristics, lifelong learning and cross-generational exchange of experiences.

A team of artists and filmmakers is conducting workshops in which children, adolescents and adults are encouraged to explore their interpretation of democratic principles.

The first part of each workshop deals with the artistic approach to help participants familiarize themselves with the subject matter. The mixed-age groups collect and exchange their wishes and inspirations.

The second part is a workshop about filming and camera technique, including an introduction to Super8 technology.

Every participant has a roll of film at his or her disposal, that’s about 2.5 minutes of film material to capture a principle of democratic action.

To facilitate access to these principles, the participants collectively develop tasks that address culture-reflexive elements. A possible example for an assignment for the democratic principle ‘freedom’ could be: Make a film about a situation in your everyday life, a decision, an action or a message for freedom! Or: make a film about principles of action, symbols or pictures of democracy.

We deliberately chose to use an almost obsolete medium with real film material which can only be implemented successfully by observing certain rules.

Dealing with Super8-film demands a higher degree of concentration and alertness than is the case with currently common digital media. Limited film material demands clear decision making in the planning phase in order to achieve a coherent statement for the chosen topic. The technique itself imposes limits on the scope for individual expression, as does the selected democratic principal which is to be subjected to creative treatment.

The project represents a fascinating opportunity to explore the limits of narration or documentation through the individual contributions by the means of fictionalization.

The focus of the project is to be placed structures that form our society. For this reason we invite participants of various ages and with diverse social and cultural backgrounds to contribute. In cooperation with the Bavarian Pupil’s Union we are hoping to reach many adolescents who will in turn cooperate with teachers, artists and interested laymen in making the films.

The results will be presented in an exhibition. Parts of the original film material will be integrated into the documentary about democratic and self-determined education called ‘Doing Nothing All Day’ which is currently under production.
This project does more than merely pay lip service to the idea of participation; right from the start it constitutes and is portrayed as a central element of the democratic process.


Friederike Frank, LandesschülerInnenvertretung LSV

Margarete Hentze, artist, art teacher, producer and director of the documentary

Christiane Huber, artist and teacher of improvisation techniques

Susanne Kurz, director and lecturer at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München

Paul Sutter, LandesschülerInnenvertretung LSV

Upcoming Workshops

6. + 7. July 2 pm- 5 pm, 8. July: 10am-2pm

Democracy on Super 8
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