DOK.fest in the Gasteig, Munich 2012

democraticArts in cooperation with Dok.education and the  Kreisjungendring München displayed a selection of Super8 Films, that were prepared and filmed by teenagers. The Super8 Box played the films during the entire DOK.fest week and invited People to stop and watch and to think about which democratic principle they value the most.

exhibiting artists:
Marina Camargo, Veronica Cooke, democraticArts, Mina Elnagger, Helena Gregorian, Karnik Gregorian, Sarah Grosser, Soares Joao, Katrin Kammerl, Sandra Kulbach, Geraldo Müller, Nik Neves, Julia Poliak, Dragos Popescu, Nanni Schiffl-Deiler, Johanna Thalmann, André Wagner, Franz Wanner, Ahmed Zeidan, Anne-Isabelle Zils -mit DOK.education – Julia Brachert, Jana Gertke, Anna Varnai, Elena Koch, Sebastian Matt, Anja Senekpiehl, Katja Tauber -mit IAKB: Nassira Awal, Jamal Braun, Aljoscha Herter, Sylvia Komi, Mona Othman – mit IBIZ e.V.: Magda Jesche, Merlin Niesbor, Nele Rook -mit IDEC’12: Ian Cunningham, Lina Lange, Sara Sommer -mit Kapriole Freiburg: Stella Serger – mit KJR München-Stadt: Phil Agbevenov, Ammury Mohammed Ali, Sagdah Mohamed Ali, Elias Alhadithi, Obeidah Bako, Doguan Bellikan, Elias Hadidi, Azerina Hadidi, Jeton Krasniqi, Leonora Krasniqi, Liridona Krasniqi, Mathias Schwendtner, Sahra Saidsada – mit Neue Schule Hamburg: Siri Hulin, Valeska Paterka -LSV e.V.: Franziska Bleß, Clara-Elisa Bracker, Melissa Büttner, Matthias Dambauer, Marisa Franz, Moritz Friedrich, Stephan Fritsch, Sebastian Göller, Björn Gröner, Linda Maiwald, Hannah Öhrlein, Luca Schmitt-Walz, Theresa Seitz, Eva Selter, Janine Thiel, Leo Wörtchen – mit SchlaU Schule München: Lucas Becker, Victor Chukwuma, Gallia Francisca, Sajad Hossayni, Sajad Husseini, Monika Jäger, Jahwed Mustaba, Rassuli Omid, Mariano von Plocki, Abdullah Ramin, Marten Trenkler

Opening of the Super8 Installation at the Garteig in Munich
at the  DOK.fest München 2012 , 3.-9 of May 2012
opening hours 9-11p.m

Townhall Gallery Munich kunstwerkStadt 2011

democraticArts within the exhibition “kunstwerkStadt 2011” in the townhall gallery, a Super8 Installation with film-contributions from Israel, England and Germany was open to the public.

At a two-day Workshop, participants of all ages explored how democracy manifests it’s self in the public, semi-public and in the private sector. Together with the workshop leaders  Margarete Hentze, Christiane Huber und Sanne Kurz, they created Storyboards which resulted in 2,5 minutes films which depicted their discoveries.

For this to happen, the participants were able to move freely all around, inside and outside the townhall.

Concept and Realization: Margarete Hentze, Christiane Huber, Barbara Koch and Sanne Kurz.

This page is currently being revised, more coming soon!


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