In the project management the following team of visual artists and filmmakers is working together in intense exchange:

Direction                                   Margarete Hentze & Yuval Tzafrir

Camera                                      Sanne Kurz

Editing                                       Sophie Oldenbourg,

                                                      Margarete Hentze & Yuval Tzafrir

Editing Asistance                    Michèle Janata, Sandra Hengstberger, Martina Huber,

                                                      Sandra Kulbach

Production                                Margarete Hentze

Direction Asssistance            Christiane Huber

Production Assistance           Silke Körber, Michèle Janata,

                                                       Julia Pollman, Ellie Eytan Israel

Still photography                    Monika Wernz, Ellie Eytan Israel, Julia Göltl,

                                                      Michèle Janata, Adewale Adewumi

Trailer and teaser editing      Susanne Luptowits


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