The participative documentary DOING NOTHING ALL DAY interrogates conventional approaches to education, comparing them with idesa of self-determination and democratic schooling: classes where the children determine both the curriculum and the rules and regulations themselves. Gathering Super8 clips by everyone from filmmakers to preschoolers, Doing Nothing All Day also follows a young mother’s search for the ideal school for her son. She descovers the tradition of democratic schools and speaks with scientists and protagonists of the democratic education movement in Germany, England and Israel.

Wolfgang Edelstein, founder of the Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development  and the neurobiologist Gerald Hüther, and Julian Nida-Rümelin professor for philosophy at the LMU Munich, Leonard Turton, Summerhill teacher  and Derry Hannam, former teacher and the school inspector in England, Yaakov Hecht, founder of the first democratic school in Israels and the Institute of Democratic Education in Tel Aviv.